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Four Year Olds (Pre-K)

Here at New Mexico Early Learning Academy you will see your child blossom in our research-based Pre-K program. Children will build pre-literacy, writing and math skills. Teachers use daily observations and intentional interactions to develop their lesson plans and assess your child’s progress. Pro-social skills are key to your child’s kindergarten readiness as well as essential educational goals like recognizing upper- and lower-case letters, developing phonetic awareness and identifying letters by sounds.

√ Gross Motor

√ Fine Motor

√ Listening and Understanding

√ Speaking and Communicating

√ Emergent Reading Skills

√ Emergent Writing Skills

√ Numeracy

√ Aesthetic Creativity

√ Scientific Conceptual Understandings

√ Self-Awareness

√ Self-Control

√ Personal Responsibility

√ Relationships with Others

√ Knowledge of Neighborhood and Community

√ Curiosity

√ Imagination

√ Confidence

√ Problem-Solving