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Three and Four Year Olds

Our Early Pre-K Program is where you will see your child S.T.E.M. into more structured learning. Science, technology, engineering and math are all incorporated into daily activities and lesson planning. Their curiosity, language skills and abilities make them ready to flourish and extend their imagination. Our teachers work hard to maintain an exciting but predictable daily routine. Children will be encouraged to speak in full sentences, practice listening skills and develop stronger memory abilities. Teachers will develop activities that extend their attention span, develop peer relationships, practice self-regulation which promotes independence, respect and empathy.

√ Gross Motor

√ Fine Motor

√ Listening and Understanding

√ Speaking and Communicating

√ Emergent Reading Skills

√ Emergent Writing Skills

√ Numeracy

√ Aesthetic Creativity

√ Scientific Conceptual Understandings

√ Self-Awareness

√ Self-Control

√ Personal Responsibility

√ Relationships with Others

√ Knowledge of Neighborhood and Community

√ Curiosity

√ Imagination

√ Confidence

√ Problem-Solving