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Carson - 6 weeks to 24 months

Our infant program is where we plant the seeds for success. New Mexico Early Learning Academy believes that you are your baby’s first teacher. Therefore, our focus is on building relationships with the entire family. We will work in close communication to ensure that our schedule and routine meets your child’s individual needs. Our team of trained professionals work to provide meaningful experiences and rich classroom environments to stimulate your infant in all developmental areas. Infant lesson plans promote language through constant interactions and fine and gross motor skills through simple activities, such as tummy time.  Teachers introduce sensory based materials, such as nontoxic paints and music, as well as textured items to promote basic skills.  Our infant program will provide the building blocks for their foundation to learning.

√ Self-Awareness

√ Concept Development

√ Relationships

√ Communication

√ Exploration

√ Problem Solving

√ Large Motor

√ Fine Motor

√ Self-Help

√ Creativity